Monday, May 21, 2012

"Chopped" Fan Fiction - Chapter 3


Time stood still.

This single, gentle kiss sparked more passion than most people experience in an entire night of lovemaking.  It was unbelievable but innocent.  Mindblowing but kind.  Indescribable but soft.

After what felt like a decade of bliss, they pulled apart from one another, still basking in the moment.  Alex’s eyes were cast down.  She was in shock.  Geoffrey’s eyes were fixed on hers.  His gaze unrelenting in its delight.

Slowly, Alex began to raise her eyes up from where they were.  She paused before allowing them to look straight into his. 


Her stomach whooshed with the power of an oceanic wave.  Feelings swept through her like a tsunami of emotion.  She had to look away.  The emotions were so strong they bordered on making her feel ill.  She feared that if she continued to look at him,  she would actually get sick.

Geoffrey’s voice broke the silence between them:

“I’ve been waiting a long time for that.”  

Alex wanted to pinch herself.  Was she dreaming?  Was this actually happening?  When she had arrived to work that morning she never would have believed that today would be the day for this.  That today her most deeply-buried fantasy would come to life.

 A tiny voice escaped from her throat, cracking as the words came out of her mouth:

“Me too.”

Like a firework exploding, Geoffrey lunged forward and grabbed her face.  Without hesitation he passionately kissed her.  This kiss was far less innocent than the last one had been.  They grabbed each other’s bodies as though they instinctually wanted to fill their hands with a piece of the other person.  They were desperately trying to hold on to each other; they were desperately to hold on to this moment. 

They kissed like they were making up for lost time, lost opportunities, lost moments.  They kissed like long lost lovers, who had been reunited after years of distance.  They kissed like the soulmates that they were. 

They kissed, and once again, time stood still. 


  1. You were right about this sucking me in. I'm eager to read more. Could use more cooking / food puns though.

  2. omg this is soo erotic. im kinda horny right now lol..