Monday, July 2, 2012

"Chopped" Fan Fiction - Chapter 4

Geoffrey ripped Alex’s blouse open.  She sat stunned, amazed, in awe of what he was doing.  Deftly, he slid out of his jacket and began to unbutton his shirt.  Alex felt tension building in her abdomen.  It was unlike anything she had felt before.  She watched him carefully, drinking in each sensual moment. 

“Are you okay?” Geoffrey asked with a crooked smirk.  Alex tried to form words but a nod was all she was able to muster.  A now shirtless Geoffrey slowly stood up and pulled open his belt.  Alex had to close her mouth and swallow the pond of drool that had formed inside of it.  This made Geoffrey chuckle.

“You look like you’re eyeing a steak.” He teased.

His candor broke through her tension and she responded: “I’m eyeing a filet mignon, alright.  Rare.”

“Oh really?” he replied, charmed. “Well maybe you should take a bite.”

A power greater than her surged through Alex’s body.  She dove out of her seat, unzipped Geoffrey’s pants and ripped both them and his black Armani underwear to the floor.  She grasped his turgid manhood and with one instant motion, took him in her mouth. 

His eyes rolled back in his head with pleasure.  This was so wrong but felt so right. 

Little did they know that across the studio, behind a curtain, Amanda Freitag stood, transfixed by what she was seeing.  Geoffrey and Alex didn’t realize that Amanda had been asked to give an interview in the studio that day.  And Amanda couldn’t help but peek in on something she never expected to see.

She knew it was wrong to watch her colleagues in this very private moment but she couldn’t look away.  Her eyes widened and her stomach flipped.  The passion she was witnessing was unlike anything she had ever seen before.

“Looks like we’ve got some competition.”  Startled, Amanda whisked around to see Marc Murphy smiling at her. 

“Marc!” she whispered “What are you doing here?”

“You.” He responded.

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