Monday, January 30, 2012

3. There's this thing called "online shopping"...

Unfortunately the nature of my foot injury involves a lot of pain and a long recovery period. It is difficult for me to stand for very long so I can’t even really putter around my apartment. Hence why I’ve been spending a lot of time on my computer reading, writing and discovering the joys (and dangers) of online shopping. Of course I knew that this phenomenon existed; I guess I just never really took the time to browse online before. Any time I have ordered things on the internet in the past, it was items that I was seeking out. Things that were hard to find. This week I’ve found lots of things that are easy to find in stores but from the comfort of my chaise lounge. (For the record, instead of a couch I have 2 giant chaises that I have pushed together to literally make a “bed couch”. It’s a dream come true especially when convalescing since you can sit with your feet up next to your partner who can do the same. Or “partners” if you have more than one cat.)

My purchases so far? A tshirt with a skull on it that, when you look closely, is actually a collage of cat faces, a pair of RayBans and a Michael Kors dress. The tshirt just couldn’t be more “me”. The perfect mix of cute and badass. It was a purchase that had to happen and at a price of only $10, how could I resist? The RayBans are the same style as another pair I own, just in a different colour. Did I need them? Arguable. But the fact that I got them for literally half of what they would cost in the store somehow made the purchase not only seem worthwhile to me but also imperative to my success as a human. The Michael Kors dress was only $60 and seems like it will look cute on me. I’m usually a good judge of what styles look best on my body, though of course there is the risk that I could be way off the mark with this one. I’ll be honest though, I think that’s part of the rush. It’s a gamble. It’s the same feeling that you get watching a roulette wheel spin or waiting for the pee on a pregnancy test to fill the little viewing window.

My biggest fear is that the dress is perfect. Don’t they say that when you gamble you only need to win once to get hooked? If this dress looks as killer as I think it will…well...I weep for my bank account.

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