Monday, February 6, 2012

6. People are not inherently kind...part deux

I was crutching into my apartment building on my birthday this past Saturday. My lovely boyfriend was following behind me with his arms full of packages and the large bouquet of flowers my cousin and her family sent for me. We approached the elevator where there were a few people who were also waiting for the next ride. The doors opened and one couple got on and stood to the left. An older dude with a dog got on and stood to the right. As I hobbled towards the door, the doors fully closed on me. Hard. Our elevator is merciless and unless someone is holding the "door open" button or physically holds the door open with a hand, it closes on whatever is in the middle...HARD.

As the doors hit me repeatedly, I watched as the 3 people already on the elevator did nothing. They did not move. Literally, not a muscle. Like, it was actually insane to witness. The doors finally let me out of their steely grip and I got on the elevator with Paul following behind me.

"Thanks a lot, guys." I quipped sarcastically. Then there was a pause before the dude with the dog responded by saying "It was probably an accident."

I'm sorry...what?

It was PROBABLY an accident?

I feel like I've never heard anything more absurd.

Probably an accident that you did NOTHING and watched me struggle and get abused by this machine's robot doors? What a dumb thing to say. I feel like this dude must just be a JOY to date. "I didn't do the dishes like you was probably an accident." "I forgot it was your was probably an accident." "Well yes, sweetie, I did sleep with that other woman. But it was probably an accident."

I stood there seething, wanting to respond something cutting like "Well you're PROBABLY an idiot." But before I could get any words out the same dude said "Could you push floor 16 please?" So...I did. Silently. But when that guy got out at his floor and said "Have a good night" I said NOTHING. Take THAT! I probably, really showed him.

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