Tuesday, February 7, 2012

7. I'm really getting into earrings. Also, I'm really getting comfortable being "vapid".

Recently, I actually stated out loud: "I'm really getting into earrings". I followed this up by saying "That is literally the most vapid thing I've ever said."

I have a few thoughts about this.

1. I've recently discovered that earrings really do make an outfit/makeup job pop. I may spend all this time getting ready and then look in the mirror and think "Oh I feel like I look so plain! Sigh." But if I pop on some giant gold hoops then BAM! I look like a pale latina princess. (Refer to attached photo. Totes pale latina.)

2. There are arguably many things going on in the world that I "should" spend my time thinking about. There are "issues" that are worth "getting into". So I tried tuning into the news the other only to get distracted by musing about whether Mitt Romney would look better in studs or something dangly. Kim-Jong Un would definitely rock something bold and glittery. And I think it goes without saying that Harper's approval ratings would skyrocket if he strapped some Swarovskis to those lobes. I mean, that's for suresies.

3. My previous 2 points haven't really helped fight that whole "vapid" thing have they? Well to that I say:


Who's vapid NOW?? Yeah...me still. For sure still me, actually. Sigh. I'd better go put on my gold hoops. They always make me feel better.


  1. Maybe wearing earrings is more of a sub-conscious way to draw the eye away from your foot. If they are distracted by something shiny, they won't notice your disability, and you can once again feel "normal."

  2. You're onto me. Refer to my over-the-top birthday outfit. If I'm insanely put-together from the waist up, no one will notice the storm trooper boot.